SQL Editor redesign

Immerse SQL editor is very useful to test some queries, build views, etc. It needed a redesign. Here are some details of the redesign process.

We needed some new functionalities like:

  • Better syntax highlighting, autocomplete, SQL formatting and validation
  • Better table/column browser with filtering
  • Query history with preview data
  • Reusable query snippets
  • Run multiple queries in the same context instead of notebook-style
  • Notifications
  • Shapefile query results

So after the phase of requirements gathering and research, we started wireframing.

At OmniSci, we maintain a nice set of Figma components that we use to compose mockups quickly.

Here is the result of the SQL Editor redesign. 



If you don't see a big difference, that's a good thing. All the barely visible features that facilitate editing, like key shortcuts, notifications, simplified flow, automatic formatting, validation, query history and snippets makes a big difference in usability without adding much cognitive load.