Art génératif et design d'interaction
{Generative art and interaction design}


Histogram equalization

Choosing the right color palette for visualizing data on a map can be tricky. But when what you need is to improve local contrast to better see the details, you can use a technique called histogram equalization. I implemented one version with D3 and wrote a blog post about it on Planet OS blog.

Temperature-salinity plot

Working with ocean data is fun, and I get to build very specific charts, like the T-S plot I explain in this blog post. "Plots of salinity as a function of temperature, called T-S plots, are used to delineate water masses and their geographical distribution". You can take a look at the code here.

Food security visualization

I had the chance to work on some datavis for a conference about food security. Here's a blog post about it.



Here's a blog post illustrating when to use a heatmap that I wrote after adding a heatmap component to Cirrus.js.



I implemented a new charts library called Cirrus.js for my work at Planet OS. The goal is to have a very simple pipeline pattern to easily compose modules together. Here's a short explanation.


After the datavis meetups in the Silicon Valley and in Montreal, we started a new one in Québec City, in French. Here are the videos of the first 3 meetups.


Coderre Tweets

I built a simple charts library for Radio-Canada called Moby, which we used in an article about Montréal's mayor, Denis Coderre, who is using Twitter quite a lot. As usual, the library is open source and available on Github. One interesting aspect of Moby is that it uses plain HTML, no SVG or Canvas, even line charts and this bubble chart.

Try it, this example is interactive! Or tweak it on Blockbuilder.


Firespray: a streaming chart library

Working with Boundary, I developed Firespray, a nice chart library for streaming data.

Magnotta visualization

I worked with an awesome team at Radio-Canada on visualizing a complete Twitter coverage of the Magnotta trial.


Visualization Montreal

We started a new visualization meetup in Montreal. Our first meetup had more than 100 attendees and a series of awesome speakers. Here is a summary.


I developed a polar charts library named Micropolar for Plotly, a visualization platform for science. This image is in fact a live chart running on Plunker.


Hackathon Québec Ouvert

We won a prize in the Hackathon Québec Ouvert with an application for mapping your own constellations with the Québec Open Data. I worked as part of the Chambre Blanche team with Nataliya Petkova, Jeanne-Landry-Belleau and Pierre-Luc Lapointe. More details coming soon.

Developing a D3.js Edge

I co-authored a D3.js book with Andrew Thornton, Ger Hobbelt, Roland Dunn and Troy Mott. It was a book sprint: writing the core of it over 2 week-ends. We focused on how to write production D3.js code with the reusable API. The e-book is available on Bleeding Edge Press and on Amazon.


Products made with D3.js

Here is a short list of companies using D3.js in production:


D3 meetup: integrating D3 with MV* frameworks

I gave a talk at OpenDNS with Miles McCrocklin and Jyri Tuulos. It was about a D3 book that we are writing with Andrew Thornton, Roland Dunn, Ger Hobbelt and Troy Mott and that will be launched soon.


Datameer Designer

It's been almost a year since Datameer launched its 2.0 version, featuring a new Business Infographics Designer. Lots of polishing and improvements went into the product. You can download a free trial at


D3 Alternative Gallery

I just launched an alternative D3 gallery with almost 2500 d3 examples. The goal is to be able to easily filter to find D3 examples by author, visualization type, title etc. This is a front-end to the spreadsheet used as a database. Help me update the entries, build your own gallery UI and build the most impressive visualization gallery only possible in the D3 community!


Getting involved with the D3 community

I gave a talk about getting involved with the D3 community at Trulia for the Bay Area D3 User Group, with Scott Murray and short talks by Jérôme Cukier, Santiago OrtizJyri Tuulos, Alex JohnsonAmelia GreenhallMike Travers and Péter Boda. My slides are here and it was recorded on video. I launched my alternative D3 gallery made with D3 and based on a Google Spreadsheet.

Here is the talk in a blog post format. It is mostly a collection of links for getting started with D3 and contributing to this awesome community.


Embedding D3.js in a blog post

Here is a simple test showing how to running a basic interactive D3.js code from a Gist using Bl.ocks as well as embedding the source code.


Datameer 2.0 visualizations

I worked on the new visualization system for Datameer 2.0 we just launched at Hadoop summit.